Why Not Denny Rafdal?

The Ankeny Patch recently reported on Denny Rafdal’s appointment to the City Council.  In the report he sounds like a well rounded person to help lead the city.


  • He has been a small business owner for 42 years.  CHECK
  • He is 63 years old thus representing the more mature residents of the city.  CHECK
  • He indicated he would only be interested in serving out the remainder of Blocks term.  CHECK
  • The appointment has no property tax ramifications CHECK

So the big question is – what is wrong with Denny Rafdal?  Why an election?  Please share with the rest of the Ankenyites WHY Rafdal is not good enough?

Wandering in the Wilderness – Is this Ankeny?

Wandering around my local big box store last night and ran into a friend who was sporting a petition for a city council election.  Well that was a shock!

When one thinks common sense has just prevailed and instead of spending tax money foolishly on another election – or maybe in this case 2 elections (I’m not sure now) a couple of the Ankeny city council members who “tell us” they are here to save money are supporting this according to my friend.

Well, I’ll just tell you what I think!  This is an absolute WASTE of money!!! Denny Rafdal was a good choice.  I was told he would fill the position until the next election and was not interested in running so the seat would go to the public for election in the regular cycle BUT OH NO – Mark Holm and Jim McKenna, Ankeny’s newest city council members,  want to help increase the burden on property tax payers!  Go figure – they have already broken their campaign promises.

Ankeny Appoints New Council Member

Ankeny is taking the high road and saving money for the taxpayers by appointing Denny Rafdal to fill retiring Councilman Craig Blocks seat.  This responsible action will be applauded by the citizens of Ankeny. During a regular meeting, the Ankeny City Council unanimously recommended the appointment of a former Plan & Zoning Commissioner to fill the council vacancy.Rafdal, a small business owner in Ankeny, has a history of public service, having previously served four years on the Ankeny Park Board and 13 years on the Plan & Zoning Commission. As commissioner, he was involved in the development of the Ankeny Comprehensive Plan during a period of significant community growth. He is widely viewed as a steady leader with a focus on fairness when tackling important community issues.

The Council will consider the appointment at a regular meeting scheduled for Monday, May 21st at 5:30 p.m.

Ankeny City Council votes to fill council vacancy by appointment  Source:  City of Ankeny